One of the disadvantages associated with open plan offices is the lack of privacy. The number of people called in for meetings often exceeds the capacity of any adjoining offices, and not every business has the luxury of a conference room for meetings.

At the same time, open plan offices are popular thanks to their space and overheads efficiency, design freedom and operational advantages. So, what do you do when you need to create a meeting area?

Modular partitions – office modifications in a flash!

Modular partitions that can be easily mounted, demounted and relocated are the answer to all open-plan office needs. There are a variety of great-looking partitions on the market, but glass partitioning is a favourite – for a reason! Even better are frameless glass partitions. Mounted floor to ceiling on tracks, they are the newest development in modular office partitioning – and ideal for creating ad hoc meeting rooms.

Sleek, slick and functional frameless glass partitions – modifications for the modern office:

Glass partitions make excellent office dividers. They are ideal for creating exceptional meeting areas with just enough privacy and transparency (literally or not) to retain the inclusive and ‘open’ atmosphere that is one of the best things about open-plan offices. They are cost effective, attractive, and can be easily assembled. Need a small space for a small number of attendees? Or a large space? Need an interview room? Need it in the middle of the room? Or in a discreet corner? No problem. The tracks between which the glass partitions sit, are easily mounted – in any area or configuration you want.

Extra privacy needed? Sandblasted frameless glass partitions:

Sandblasted glass partitions offer just enough privacy and mimic walls just enough for the meeting space to feel almost as if it’s another room.

No need to worry about sound, as the floor to ceiling partitions will keep the sound of voices low enough to not disturb others in the office or reach ears it shouldn’t, without making those people feel excluded or shut out.

Cliplok54 has years of experience with office design and can assist you with what you really need from your office environment, be it design, form or function. Share your thoughts and we will come up with some creative ideas and implement your office renovation to perfection.

Sound and noise is kept to a minimum using floor to ceiling partitionings and adding plants helps with sound and ambiance of an office.