Flexible modular workstations are ideal for large open plan offices and Call Centres. They are quick and easy to install, can be fitted for optimal use of the available space, and they are cost effective. They are also very attractive and easily customised to create the look you want – not just on first installation, but when you wish to change things around.

They are also easily relocatable – within an office space or building, and to new buildings. They beat traditional work-station fittings and furniture in a number of ways.

Flexible modular workstations benefits:

  • They can be fitted to make the best use of room volume as well as floor space
  • They are quickly and easily assembled and disassembled
  • You can redesign the layout of your office with far greater freedom
  • You can easily add features that optimise desk and cubicle areas for your employees
  • They give you the freedom to meet your employees needs with regard to privacy and design – and to change things without detracting from the overall look of the office.
  • Sections are easily replaced and interchangeable

Moving offices? Relocatable modular workstations make it easy!

The ‘relocatable’ advantage that flexible modular workstations offer does not only apply to changing the layout of an office, but to moving offices. The ease with which they can be taken apart and put together again makes moving offices far less expensive and difficult. If the new office space has different dimensions – no problem. The workstations be re-assembled and fitted accordingly.

Get the office look you want – at a fraction of the price

Flexible modular office workstations, cubicle and office partitions look great, and offer complete design freedom. Need an office refresh or a redesign for productivity? Flexible modular office fittings and workstations offer relocation, redesign and optimisation of workspaces, with few to no extra costs.

Flexible modular workstation benefits for your office space can not only improve your staff moral but save money for future company changes. If you are relocating and want something new and exciting or renovating your office space, Cliplok 54 is the way to go. Contact us and lets give you a quote for your new “look”