How Office Screens can Improve the Office working Environment

Spatial planning is important when it comes to office working environments. In office buildings, particularly those with a large amount of workers, it’s crucial that each employee has their own space. However, it’s equally important that departments are separated and C-level executives have private office spaces. This can be difficult to accomplish on a budget, as most offices are open plan. There are two options in this case: pay an exorbitant amount of money to have permanent structures installed or obtain affordable movable structures. At Cliplok 54, we provide the latter.

Cliplok 54 specialises in providing demountable and relocatable partitioning systems. We offer both low level screens and floor to ceiling screens to suit your company’s precise needs. Our office screens are thick, durable, and multipurpose. There are several reasons why relocatable partitioning systems, like office screens, help create an optimal office working environment:

Temporary office screens

When you install permanent partitioning systems, like glazed internal shopfronts or drywall partitioning, you may be disappointed. Oftentimes, desks need to be rearranged or departments move around to enhance productivity. This is impossible to do when partitioning systems are permanent.

Relocatable office screens can be both functional and decorative

Improve productivity with office screens
Arguably the most significant reason why office screens improve working environments is because they improve productivity. In open space offices, it’s easy for employees to become distracted by each other. When employees are distracted, they aren’t able to be productive. Office screens help by acting as a barrier, whilst your team still feels as though they are part of a team.

Relocatable office screens are a much more cost-effective solution compared to permanent partitioning systems. While secure and durable, office screens are extremely affordable and are both decorative and functional. Because of this, your company budget can be spent on other improvements to the working environment, such as improved employee training and employee benefits packages.

If you are interested in creating a spacious, convenient, and productive working environment, or even an office renovation, then it’s time you consider installing office screens. At Cliplok 54, we are passionate about providing cost-effective, high-quality office planning solutions. Whether you require office screens for your call centre, large office building, or anything in between, we can help.