Once South Africa begins to open up the country and return to “life as normal” following the COVID-19 lockdown, employers are legally obligated to ensure a safe working environment for employees. As lockdown regulations ease, we will begin to define what the new working environment will look like, certainly an ongoing process of change, correction and refinement.

Once the doors are open, new measures will be put in place that follow the best practises to a healthy and cleaner working environment. These preventative measures will keep employees healthy on a physical level and should improve their psychological and emotional needs.

  • Provide care kits for employees, which include a hand sanitiser, mask and hand gloves.
  • Scan temperatures of employees, visitors and contract workers.
    Avoid sharing equipment or workstations.
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces and equipment regularly.
  • Limit the number of attendees to a meeting and adhere to the 2 metre social distancing.
  • Use the stairs or the escalators instead of a crowded lift.
  • On introduction rather avoid the custom handshaking and simply nod your head as a sign of recognition.
  • Provide sanitising hand wipes for any equipment like handbags and briefcases.
  • Do not allow sick employees to attend work.
Covid-19 Compliant Commercial Space thats relocatable
Covid-19 Compliant Commercial Space thats removable
Office building for covid 19 regulations

Introducing the Cliplok 54 Demountable and Relocatable Partitioning System, this is the perfect system to use to get your Business or Home Office Space Covid-19 Compliant.

Create individual cubicles, meeting pods, and workstations or divide existing workspaces using aluminium and glass panels which are easily cleaned and sterilised. The system can be used as either low-level screening or floor to ceiling level screening.

We can custom build to suit your requirements and ‘Social Distancing’ regulations. The system is completely Demountable and Relocatable so you can reconfigure the system as your needs change.

The System is Designed, Manufactured and Installed by ourselves using locally sourced materials which are ‘100% Recyclable’. The product is ideally suited to be ‘cost-effective’ for the Supply and Installation of temporary facilities which can later be dismantled and re-used for ‘other applications’… such as donating it for low-cost housing or schooling facilities.

The fact that it is Completely Demount-able and Relocatable makes it the perfect ‘Giant Lego System’ to help combat the ‘Corvid-19 Epidemic’. The system allows for a myriad of desking, power reticulation and accessories to be mounted on to it by means of various brackets and fittings.

Office building for covid 19 regulations

We cannot begin to understand the impact that the lockdown has had on people’s social well-being, so creating a positive and socially healthy environment at the work place will be a good beginning to assisting your employees. With the Cliplok 54 System, employees will feel less isolated and begin to feel that “normal” creep back into their lives.