Power and Data Solutions

Power, data and telephone cabling can be fed through the screening system via the segmented power channel, which enables you to run the electrical cabling separately from the voice and data cabling. Each set of electrical cables is linked from screen to screen by means of male/female connector plugs, so when you need to add or take away a workstation it is not necessary to re-wire the entire installation, the last plug is simply terminated.

The cabling can be fed through via a power pole, which is integrated with the screening system or via a power panel if the electrical points are located in the ceiling. If the cabling is fed from the skirting, it connects directly into the point available there. Each panel is routed to allow the cables to connect from one screen to the other.

Either normal or dedicated plug points (or both) are surface mounted onto the 125mm skirting and wired to a point supplied. The voice / data is provided in the form of a cover. The client’s service provider will provide the RJ11 / RJ45 socket and wire it up.

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