Office partitioning doesn’t have to be boring! Both floor-to-ceiling and low-level screens can be upholstered on spec, in your choice of fabric. This doesn’t affect the functionality of the screens. Nor does it affect the addition of office partitioning accessories such as clip on brackets, shelves and power integration units.

Fabrics on your office partitioning:

Partly upholstered office partitioning: you can cover part of your office partitioning with fabrics to achieve a desired design effect without ruining the open-office look of partially opaque or transparent glass screens. Partial fabric coverings can be applied for practical purposes, or purely as part of an interior scheme.

Fully fabric-covered office screens: if you need full privacy, fabric can offer a more attractive opaque screen.

Advantages of using office partitioning with fabrics:

  • Fabrics create warmth and atmosphere. You can use different designs and colours to help create an atmosphere.
  • You can inspire and improve the mood and productivity of your office workers with the right decorative fabrics.
  • What about your own printed fabrics? Fabrics offers creative opportunities for office screen branding. No need to stick to a boring printed branding or logo.
  • You can change the fabric with an office redesign, without having to change the screen itself.
  • Mix and match to your heart’s content. You can combine fabric on your partitions with ‘wallpapered’ screens and glazed glass screens or sections.
  • You can one kind of design in one workstation and use a completely different decorative fabric in another. If Alice or (Alex) the bookkeeper loves purple paisley – let her (or him) have purple paisley!

Choosing to use office partitioning with fabrics opens up a world of interior office design possibilities. You can create a truly unique look and make your office one that your employees love being in – and can’t wait to get to in the mornings!

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