The latest office modular office screen power and data cabling solutions make redesigning the layout of your office easier than ever. This is thanks to easy to assemble and disassemble cabling, connections and screen embedded data and power points.

Neat and tidy modular office screen power and data cabling solutions:

The beauty of modular workstations, and modular screens, is the ability move them around and redesign your office space without hassle, and as often as you like or need to.

Screen cable systems are designed to aid this process. Traditional cabling would hinder it. We’ve all been faced with the tangled mess of cables that plague office power and data point areas. And how many times have you had to abandon your great office re-arrangement idea because you are held hostage by the power and data point locations?

Modular screen power and data solutions do away with both mess and hindrance. Both high and low-level office screens include electrical, telephone and data points and cabling feeds to make re-arrangement tidy and optimal.

No more tangles, tripping over extension cords, or expensive re-wiring to accommodate a change in office layout.

Segmented power channels and linked cables:

Electric and voice cabling is kept separate from data cabling, as all cabling is fed through the screens through segmented power channels.

The cables are also not run continuously through a screening system. They are linked with male/female connector plugs at each screen, so one or multiple screens can be moved rearranged and reconnected with it affecting the source power or data/voice cabling, feeds or other screen connections.

Options for cabling feeds:

Cabling can be fed through:

  • A power pole integrated with the screening system
  • A screen system integrated power panel if the electrical source points are located in the ceiling.
  • Along skirting – to the closet plug and date/voice point, or points panel in the screening system.

These innovative, user-friendly and flexible screen power and data cabling solutions are yet another reason to opt for modular office screen solutions for your next office renovation.