When it comes to larger office spaces it is always to the benefit of staff members to have a clean, neat and private working environment. We were thrilled when given the opportunity to renovate offices in Sandton for a large financial company. Even though finance is a serious subject, our clients came up with some innovative and fun ideas for their office space. The offices spread over more than one floor so each floor had a different colour theme and the panels were upholstered accordingly.

The office screen partitioning and flooring was paired together to create an elegant and cohesive design that allowed the office space to flow instead of clash with the complimenting colours.

We installed full height power panels which allow for the reticulation of power and data cabling but are also multi-functional including whiteboard and pin boards. Some panels also have our specialised TV bracket which allows for mounting of TV units perfect for call centres.

Apart from the power panels which were the main component of the installation we also installed 2100mm high panels for cubicle enclosures as well as our conventional full height glass and fabric panels.

Designing a large office space can sometimes be daunting and a lot of thought and consideration should be put in to privacy, longevity and understanding the business growth. Low level screens are perfect additions for working areas giving staff a certain amount of privacy, allowing full concentration without outside interruption.

Floor to ceiling partitioning can be used for full privacy as no noise will travel over the screen. You can create dramatic and unique designs on the glass partitioning and adding some colour with upholstery making sure your company stands out in the crowd. Finishing off your office design with well-placed plants and strategically placed mementos will not only please your staff members but will impress any guest that visits your premises.