We recently moved offices and took advantage of our move to create an office space that was both functional and decorative, all with power panelling walling.

We installed full height “cottage panel” walling with conduiting for cabling to power the copier / printer. Certain panels contain whiteboard inserts, some glass and some are open to allow for hanging plants… bringing a little of the outdoors in. Bringing the outdoors in is not only a health benefit but also creates a relaxed ambience that helps staff on those hectic days that every company has. Pale tiling, wood and soft greys were also used to compliment the feeling of space and efficiency.

A multitude of decorative fabrics / finishes can be used to customise the client’s own look and feel. The colours and fabrics used in an office can have a great impact on staff performance and guests, so choose carefully. Bring your company logo into either the fabric or the frameless glass of your partitioning can also be a striking feature.

We also used our bracket system to semi-suspend work tops for added functionality.

The Cliplok 54 comes in demountable and adjustable frameless system. We have also changed the design of our skirting to be more slick and smooth, so it’s another option to consider. The frameless system can also be relocated just as the normal Cliplok 54 system can be.